Courses and Prices

The Courses Offered

3 day First Aid at Work (FAAW)- 3 year certification

Suitable for people who need to cover the basis of first aid, specific medical conditions and high risk environments

2 day Recertification course - 3 year certification

suitable for people who have attended the 3 day FAAW and want to renew their certificate

1 day  Emergency First Aid at work (EFAW) - 3 year certification

suitable for people wanting a basic first aid certificate

2 day Sports First Aid - 3 year certification

a comprehensice outdoor and sports related first aid course

1/2 Annual Refresher course - 1 year certification

suitable for people holding a first aid certificate who want an annual refresher

2 day Paediatric first aid at work course - 3 year certification level 3 OFSTED approved

aimed at those looking after children under 4 years - essential for all nursery and EYFS workers

1 day Emergency Paediatric course – 3 year certification

a short essential paediatric course aimed at those working with children

Citizen Aid course - 3 hour training on how to treat casualties during a terrorist attack

Mental health first aid (MHFA)  2 day course

aimed at those wanting to become MH first aiders in their workplace to support others

Mental health first aid ambasadors course  - 1 day

aimed at those wo want to be able to help promote a mentally healthier workplace and signpost others

Mental health awareness course - 3 hours

suitable for all employees to raise the awarenss of mental health issues

Each course we run can have a maximum of 12 candidates and can be organised to suit your availability and time frame. We like to provide a tailored and flexible service to our clients.

We provide certificates and literature on all subjects covered, which is included in the cost. The course content is standard to meet Qualsafe guidelines, but can be tailored to your environment and the candidate’s specific requests. For example, if you know you have a number of auto-injector carriers, we can spend more time on auto-injectors and Anaphylaxis.