Teambuilding days

Teambuilding Days

The value of teambuilding days as a bonding exercise for members of your company or organization is well proven. Any shared experience makes participants feel closer and adds a mutual understanding – that’s why we go to the cinema with friends. But when the project is one where active rather than passive involvement is required, relationships develop to a whole new level. This is because the personalities of the participants are encouraged to shine through, and trust and interdependence are developed accordingly. Therefore, teambuilding days like canoeing down a river, tackling an assault course, or solving a puzzle are all great for encouraging your team to learn to cooperate, to trust one another, and to feel comfortable working together toward a common goal.
At Action+ First Aid, we don’t take people on zip wires or white-water rafting teambuilding days. But we believe the events we provide can offer double the value in terms of character building and skills learned for your colleagues. Our first aid teambuilding days not only require your staff to work together toward the noblest of all goals - saving lives - but do so in a way which is enjoyable and will provide them with lasting benefits, both individually and as a team.
Sadly, it is believed that 140,000 people die in the UK each year from incidents where prompt first aid could possibly have saved their lives. Many of these incidents occur in the home, where the only help available is likely to come from family members. If a vulnerable member of your family – perhaps a youngster, or an elderly relative – had an accident and you were the only one present, how would you cope? The serious nature of the work, and the potential rewards of acquiring these skills, focuses the minds of the candidates who attend our first aid teambuilding days.
Most workplaces are required by law to have first aid- trained staff on hand. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the team can view helping the sick or injured as someone else’s responsibility. As human beings, we naturally want to help one another when someone is suffering, and a basic level of first aid training can allow any employee or member of the public to provide support confidently and effectively until help arrives. After attending our teambuilding days, participants will go away with the basic skills to diagnose the most common life-threatening conditions which they are likely to encounter without warning, either in the workplace or in day-to-day life. They will know the best course of action to take to support the patient until professional help arrives. Perhaps most important of all, the training will give them the confidence to act decisively, and to communicate effectively with emergency services. Many candidates at our teambuilding days have taken their training further, going on to take other courses or to practice as first aiders in their workplace.
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