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Learn Rugby Specify First Aid with Action Plus

Around a quarter of all rugby players in a season will experience some kind of injury. It should come as no surprise considering that rugby is a contact sport that involves heavy physical activity such as rough tackles and sprinting. As a result, it’s ideal to have some kind of rugby specific first aid training to help deal with any potential injuries that could occur during a match or training. Our rugby specific courses are designed to help with you all types of rugby injuries such as the following:

Muscular Strains
Overuse injuries
Head injuries

At Action Plus First Aid, we provide effective rugby specific first aid training in a friendly and relaxed environment. It’s ideal for anyone managing a small or larger rugby team and the skills are transferable to other first aid professions. Whether you manage a team of rugby players or work at a leisure club that occasionally hosts rugby players, these are exceptionally useful skills to have. We also offer a range of other first aid treatment lessons such as sports first aid.

With how common injuries can occur during rugby training and matches, we believe that every team should have a dedicated professional that can help deal with emergency medical situations to prevent players from suffering long-term injuries that are left unchecked. It’s also important to learn about injury prevention strategies to ensure that all players know the correct tackling and falling techniques that will put them at less risk of suffering an injury.

If you’ve ever been a part of a medical emergency and felt helpless, then learning rugby specific first aid skills can be a blessing for both you and your team of players.

Learning Rugby Specific First Aid with Action Plus

Learn practical rugby specific first aid skills that are designed to be put to use
Train yourself to steady your nerves during a medical emergency
Learn what actions to prioritise during high-pressure medical situations
Understand how to take care of your patient until the ambulance arrives
Learn rugby specific first aid skills from a certified instructor with years of experience
Study and practice your first aid skills in a relaxing environment
Meet like-minded individuals that you can share tips and experiences with
Study a variety of first aid courses, not just rugby specific or sports related
Take action to help others in need when a medical emergency occurs

Action Plus First Aid is led by Jane Graham, a paediatric nurse with over 23 years of experience. Jane trained at the Great Ormond Street Hospital and after 2 years of general ward experience, she transferred to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. There, she embarked on a Diploma in Critically Ill Children and Child Health, where she gained many hours of valuable experience.

So no matter who you are or why you want to study rugby specific first aid, Action Plus First Aid will provide you with all the resources and practical experience you need to overcome medical emergencies in the future.

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