Paediatric Ofsted Approved First Aid

Pediatric Ofstead Approved First Aid
Quality Courses For Childcare Workers & More

Whether you work in an environment with children or you’re a parent that wants to keep your child safe, knowing how to act in an emergency is one of the best skills you can ever develop. Our pediatric Ofsted approved first aid courses are the answer.

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Pediatric First Aid Courses That Prepare You For All Situations

Here at Action Plus First Aid, we are fully committed to helping people like you develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to handle difficult situations. Child safety is paramount at all times, and our dedicated pediatric courses are designed with the need of youngsters in mind.

However, we also appreciate your need to satisfy employment requirements, which is why our pediatric Ofsted approved first aid courses set out to ensure you satisfy all of their criteria to ensure that you’re ready to work in a school, nursery, or children’s play centre. When acquiring the necessary certification is high on your agenda, our training and qualifications are ideal.

Crucially, though, we are equally committed to giving you the confidence to provide first aid to children of all ages from babies to teenagers while developing an understanding of how the tactics should be adjusted accordingly depending on the age of the individual.

You’ll learn to perform a wide range of first aid treatments from emergency techniques like the Heimlich to wound cleaning and bandaging. Whether children are involved in scrapes and falls or more serious issue, our pediatric first aid courses will ensure that you’re ready for action.

Fast, Engaging, And Affordable Pediatric First Aid Courses

Pediatric first aid skills are best developed in an entertaining and supportive learning environment that actually helps you come away from the process feeling as though you have actually gained something more than a certificate. Action Plus First Aid provides all the tools needed to thrive.

Our two-day courses are designed to support quick development while the practical nature ensures that the skills and knowledge stay fresh. Moreover, this feeds into the idea of building your self-confidence in a range of situations that may be encountered in the working environment or at home.

By providing fast and efficient courses that cut out the fat, we are also able to provide great value for money while our course leaders are highly qualified personnel that have supported thousands of students like you.

For a comprehensive and fine-tuned approach to pediatric first aid, Action Plus is the only service you’ll ever need. Giving children the level of care that they deserve has never been easier.

Arrange Your Pediatric First Aid Course Today

Whether you know exactly which course is right for you or wish to discuss the various first aid courses, the Action Plus tea are here to help. Get in touch today, and you’ll be equipped with all the necessary child safety skills in no time.