Fun first aid training

Fun First Aid Training

Action+ offer fun first aid training sessions suitable for all in society, from youngsters through to the elderly. We believe that the more of us who have a basic grasp of first aid procedures and what to do in a crisis, the more lives we can save. The point of fun first aid training courses is to prepare all of us, young and old, not only intellectually but also emotionally to face what may be one of the most trying experiences of our lives.
We never know when we may encounter a situation which offers us the opportunity to be of assistance to someone who is suffering the effects of illness or injury. These occurrences may take place at home, at work, or when we are out on the street. Whether you are a trained first aider, or a concerned citizen with no training who is thrust into the situation of supporting someone in a health crisis, these circumstances can be extremely trying and stressful.
Is it wise, then, not to train for such an eventuality, so as to avoid the responsibility of taking care of an ill or injured person? To answer that question, think of it this way: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) states that the home is the most common location for accidents to happen, and that those aged under 5 years old or over 65 are the most likely to have accidents at home. Statistically, there is quite a strong chance that a beloved young or elderly member of your family may suffer an accident at home, and under such circumstances, you may be the only one in a position to help. When such events occur, it is sadly too late to go back and undergo the training which may help you save your loved one.
For the benefit of all members of your family, our fun first aid training program can provide age-appropriate advice to all your household. Sometimes, something as simple as teaching a child to contact the emergency services can save the life of an older member of the family. And even elderly ones with reduced mobility can be of assistance in a crisis situation, if they have received tailored training which takes their limitations into consideration.
For all who enter our fun first aid training program, we want to foster a healthy interest in the processes which keep our bodies and minds alive and healthy, and what we can do to help someone if those processes become disrupted. If first aid is presented as a duty, candidates for courses may find it difficult to feel fully engaged in assimilating the information and taking part in the procedures. But when encouraged to take an interest and comprehend the issues by means of a fun first aid training course, many trainees find it enjoyable and rewarding to get fully involved.
For more information on fun first aid training days with our highly qualified and experienced team, organizations or individuals can contact Action+.