Emergency First Aid at work

Are you looking for emergency first aid at work? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Action+ First Aid, we’ve been providing professional first aid coaching for many years, and we can help your organisation too.

Get Professional Emergency First Aid At Work Training

Every year, thousands of people fall sick in the workplace and require first aid. In some circumstances, the application of first aid can mean the difference between life and death.

At Action+ First Aid, we want to give all businesses the opportunity to teach their colleagues practical first aid skills that they can apply at work. Our goal is to ensure that your colleagues learn all the techniques that they need to deal with medical emergencies.

Medical emergencies at work can happen for all kinds of reasons. A person, for instance, might have a history of cardiovascular disease and be suffering a heart attack or stroke. We teach you how to respond to emergencies like this while waiting for first-responders to arrive on the scene.

Anaphylactic shock is also a common problem in today’s workplace. People can eat certain foods and have an allergic reaction that can block the airways. Again, our courses teach you how to deal with these situations and preserve the life of the person in need.

We also cover other things, like injuries in the workplace, how to treat people in the event of a terrorist attack, and much, much more.

Why Choose Us For Emergency First Aid At Work Training?

There are all kinds of reasons to choose us for emergency first aid at work training. Here’s what sets us apart from other providers.

Decades Of Experience

When it comes to first aid training, you need a qualified instructor - preferably one who has seen it all. Our leading trainer, Jane Graham, is a paediatric nurse with more than twenty years of experience in medical practice. She’s had her first aid skills tested in real-life situations many times over the years!

With Action+ First Aid, you get the highest quality training available from people with vast experience in the field. Jane Graham and the rest of the team have dealt with numerous critically ill patients, including young children on the verge of losing their lives.

Empowering Curriculum

At Action+ First Aid, our goal is to empower members of your organisation with the skills to save lives. With our support, we help to create dedicated first-responders in your organisation with the skills and presence of mind to deal with medical emergencies as they unfold. The training you get with us is entirely relevant to the kinds of situations that you’re likely to encounter in the workplace.

Relaxed And Friendly Instruction

While medical emergencies are serious, we believe in the merits of relaxed and friendly instruction. Our goal is to impart as much information as possible, equipping your team with the skills that they need, should somebody in their environment fall sick.

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