Emergency First Aid At Work Training

Why Teach Your Staff First Aid?

First aid is one of the most underutilised skills in the workplace. It’s incredibly important even if you think that your employees are in a safe and controlled environment. Let’s imagine your workplace as an office. Your employees sit down for the majority of their work and they don’t use powerful machines or tools in their daily work.

This will usually end up making you complacent. What if someone trips over a loose wire or some boxes and knocks their leg against something? What if your computer shorts out and cause a fire? What if a loose ceiling panel falls and hurts somebody? These aren’t impossible situations—they can always happen. If you want to be prepared for it, then that’s when emergency first aid at work training comes in handy.

Practical First Aid That Is Designed To Be Used

At Action + First Aid, we believe in combining both action and first aid to create practical methods that will save lives and ease the pain. In comparison to other first aid at work training, we specialise in teaching skills that will be used real-life situations. We don’t focus on theory and we don’t fluff up our courses by talking about things that won’t be relevant to your interests.

Our courses will teach you how to react when someone is injured. This is the first step that many people fail—keeping their cool. Calm first aid is far more successful, and keeping a stable mental state is important. We’ll also teach your employees how to prioritise the injured. This is useful for when there’s only a single person capable of administering first aid and multiple injured. Our courses also include effective ways to communicate with emergency services. When you’re trying to treat patients, there’s only so much you can do and it’s important to know how to communicate with the doctors and paramedics that will take over after you.

In short, our emergency first aid at work training is essential for any company that wants to ensure the safety of their workers. No matter how unlikely it is for your employees to be injured, taking extra precautions and teaching them first aid skills will give them more peace of mind and prevent any future disasters.

Contact Us to Plan Your Courses

Our courses can be tailored to your needs. Whether you want us to come and organise the course at your workplace or if you prefer to take your employees to one of our locations, we’re flexible with our delivery and can change our schedules to fit yours. We also have courses available for individuals, carers and parents if you need specific services. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or enquiries you may have about our services.

With a combination of short and long courses at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to a knowledgeable workforce that understands the importance of first aid.