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Learn Sports First Aid with Action Plus

Action Plus First Aid provides professional training in a relaxed and friendly environment for anyone that wants to learn essential sports first aid skills that can help with a range of different emergencies and conditions. Our sports first aid courses are designed for managing sports first aid situations and have an emphasis on adapting first aid treatment for casualties with a suspected spinal trauma.

Sports injuries can be a common occurrence in high-level sporting events and clubs, and they can often be a danger when teams are placed under stressful high-pressure conditions to perform well. Every competitive team needs a trained sports first aid specialist in their staff to ensure that any injuries are dealt with immediately and effectively to speed up the recovery time and deal with potential dangers in an appropriate fashion.

However, sports injuries can also occur in smaller leagues and leisure centres. This could be due to poor flexibility, a lack of training or just poor form. As such, it’s important to have the right medical skills at the scene so that you can help the injured and care for their well-being. If you’ve ever felt helpless in a medical emergency situation or dread to think how you would react, then learning sports first aid is a great step in the right direction.

Learning Sports First Aid with Action Plus

Learn practical sports first aid skills that are designed to be used
Train your nerves to remain calm during a medical emergency
Learn how to prioritise your actions during stressful medical situations
Understand how to follow-up your first aid
A professional sports first aid training program taught by a certified instructor
A friendly atmosphere where you can learn with like-minded individuals
A variety of first aid courses, not just limited to sports first aid
Take action to save lives and prevent permanent injuries in the future

Action Plus First Aid is run by Jane Graham, a paediatric nurse with over 23 years of experience in the field. She trained at Great Ormond Street and after 2 years of general ward experience, Jane moved to Paediatric Intensive Care where she embarked on a Diploma in Critically Ill CHildren and a Child Health. Whilst there, Jane gained many hours of experience working together with the children’s acute transport service and learned valuable skills that she utilizes every day in her role as an instructor.

No matter why you want to learn sports first aid or who you are, we’ll be there every step of the way with you. We’ll teach you how to take care of the most common sports injuries and teach you the basics of first aid that will keep you calm, steady and under control in any medical emergency.

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