Policy and compliance support

Policy and compliance support
Getting your first aid provision right is important. Of course, it matters in the direct sense whether the provision is correct. For example, you need to know that the first aiders in your organisation will be using recognised techniques, up to date equipment and correct understanding. After all, the health and safety of your customers, service users, volunteers, students or employees could be at risk. But actually, providing good first aid goes beyond this. You need to know that your policies are up to date and accurate, and that your systems are fully compliant with any relevant requirements. To help you with this, Action + First Aid specialises in policy and compliance support. We give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything has been checked and meets the required standard.
You might wonder why this is so important, but it is easy to illustrate it by thinking about your car. If you are a responsible driver, you no doubt keep your vehicle in good working condition. Likely, you replace the tyres when they are wearing down, you check the oil and water on a regular basis, and you take the car to a garage when you hear an unexpected noise or have a warning light on the dashboard. If you do all these things, the chances are good that your car is in a good condition. Even so, you need to have an annual MOT to certificate that your car is roadworthy. Why is this necessary? Because having the correct paperwork gives you the proof that everything is in order. It protects you in the case of an accident and proves that you have done everything that was required to keep yourself and others safe.
Similarly with first aid, your policy needs to be up to date, and it needs to comply with the various requirements. Even if you have excellent, experienced and qualified first aiders who are providing great care, organisations like schools and businesses need to have the relevant documentation to prove that everything is in order.
Fortunately, at Action + First Aid, we can provide you with professional policy and compliance support. This means that we can assess your provision, including your first aid policy and also whether you are in compliance with the relevant requirements. As a result, you have complete peace of mind that your documentation is in order.
One of the challenges can be deciding what exactly your organisation needs. The Health and Safety Executive gives guidelines and principles to consider, but these are often recommendations rather than strict rules. We can help you to use the guidelines to make an assessment of what you require.
As well as policy and compliance support, we also provide other services like training and qualifications. For example, if your assessment indicates that you need qualified first aiders, or specialist first aid like a paediatric course, we can provide the support that you need.
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