Intensive Care Nurses Surrey

The intensive care nurses Surrey boasts have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and their job requires a huge amount of study and practice. There are a number of specific requirements that the intensive care nurses Surrey hosts have to meet to qualify, and aside from the educational commitments there are also many emotional and physical challenges that one must face to cope with the strain that will be present on a daily basis.

Why choose Action Plus First Aid?

Our founder Jane Graham was part of a team of talented intensive care nurses for many years, and this experience has taught her just how essential it is for nurses and other medical professionals to have in-depth knowledge training in the area of first aid. A great example that proves how important basic first aid is could be someone who is suffering from a stroke, as the faster a person acts appropriately when they spot the basic signs of such an illness can noticeably reduce the need for more serious or advanced medical care. As the medication given to a patient suffering from a stroke is very time-sensitive, spotting the signs in good time and administering CPR if necessary can be an extremely useful addition to help a stroke victim recover, and you can understand all of these techniques by understanding basic first aid.

Basic first aid training is vital for a successful intensive care nurse, so this is something every candidate will need to understand to thrive in their role. Action Plus First Aid's founder Jane Graham's wealth of experience in the role of a pediatric intensive care nurse and as a teacher makes her more than capable of passing on the skills required to master basic first aid through 3-day first aid courses, specific mental health first aid lessons, and even paediatric first aid to care for children.

Our courses

Dissimilarly from many other first aid courses, Action Plus First Aid's courses are specially designed to be the most practical options on the market, allowing you to use your skills in real-life situations. Our qualifications will not only teach you how to deal with a variety of different injuries and accidents, but also how to follow up afterwards. You’ll gain the opportunity to study the best ways to react so that you can stay calm and collected when using basic first aid to work through a traumatic scene, as well as how to prioritise injuries based on their severity. Each of our individual courses vary in their length, however they all meet the Ofqual and HSE requirements. We are qualified to show you how to use first aid in your intensive care nurse career, so you can maintain confidence in yourself and your abilities. Our bespoke courses can be given to groups inside professional working environments, or alternatively we can tailor make individual first aid courses given on a 1-1 basis.

So, for excellent first aid courses that intensive care nurses in Surrey can utilise, get in touch with a member of our friendly and helpful team today.