Paediatric First Aid

Learn Paediatric First Aid with Action Plus

Unlike adults that are more knowledgeable and experienced, children often can’t take care of themselves after suffering some kind of accident or injury. In addition, the mental stress that children are put under when they suffer an injury can be devastating and it’s important to treat each minor infant patient with extra care to ensure a stable and safe treatment.

Action Plus Paediatric First Aid covers all of the common illnesses and conditions so that you can be prepared for when a child experiences some kind of injury in their life. The course will explain how to deal with infants who are experiencing the following:

Unresponsive or suffering breathing issues
Choking on something
Have cut themselves and are bleeding
Suffers a burn or scald
Has something lodged in their eye, ear, nose
Medical emergencies such as meningitis, asthma or allergic reactions
Suffered a head injury
Swallowed something that could be harmful
Showcasing symptoms of sickness or fever
An injury to their bones or muscles, including spinal injuries

Our paediatric first aid courses also include basic adult first aid skills, such as how to report accidents to emergency services, how to prepare a patient for easy transportation when the ambulance arrives and how to administer medication that could save lives. With paediatric first aid training, you no longer have to feel hopeless or confused when a child is suffering a medical emergency. Instead, you can quickly spring into action and help the child with your training.

Learning Paediatric First Aid with Action Plus

Learn practical paediatric first aid skills that can be put to use immediately
Train your nerves so that you can act with confidence when facing a medical emergency
Learn how to prioritise your actions during a stressful emergency situation
Understand the right way to take care of patients until further help arrives
Train under a certified instructor with years of experience
Hone your paediatric first aid skills in a calm and relaxed environment
Discuss your first aid training with like-minded individuals who are also on the course
Further your skills by studying in other first aid fields
Learn how to take action and treat children that are in need of medical attention

Action Plus First Aid is operated by Jane Graham, a paediatric nurse with over 23 years of experience in the field. Having trained at the Great Ormond Street Hospital as part of the general ward and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Jane is more than qualified to educate you on paediatric first aid.

No matter who you are or why you want to study paediatric first aid, we can teach you the skills you need to look after anyone that needs urgent medical attention out in the field. Whether it’s for work purposes or just for added peace of mind, we can provide you with all the training and knowledge that you need.

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